Weslaco 100 Pioneer Family Exhibit

Weslaco Museum ● December 2019 ● 100 Pioneer Families

11-1-19 Deadline for Submission ● Submit to weslaco100pioneers@gmail.com

My family came to Weslaco,Texas before 1950. Here is our pioneer story for the Weslaco Museum to share and archive for current and future historians.

Family History Please be as complete as possible:

My Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

My Email: ____________________________________________________________________________

My Text Number: ______________________________________________________________________

This is the profile for my:

Grandparents _________

Parents ________

Me/My family ________

My Children ____________

Who arrived in Weslaco first, your grandparents or parents?

When did your family arrive in Weslaco?

Where did your family come from?

How did your family travel to Weslaco?

Who was in your family when they arrived? (parents, grandparents, children, other relatives)

Where did your family live when they arrived in Weslaco?

What work did your family do? Did both parents work? Did the children work?

Do you still have family in Weslaco?

Share your favorite family story:

Write as much as you need, to tell the story of your family. Submit, preferably scanned, one or two photos of your family, identifying those in the photo. When possible, include the date, place, and reason for the photos.

All photos will become part of the Weslaco Museum digital archives, but only one photo may be selected for the exhibit at the Weslaco Museum in December 2019. Due to limited space, only 100 families will be chosen for the display. Send histories and photos to weslaco100pioneers@gmail.com.

For more information, email as soon as possible:weslaco100pionees@gmail.com.Firm Deadline is 11/01/2019